Leather Furniture Cleaned in Leicester

 Leather Furniture Cleaning in Leicester


Leather furniture can look beautiful for many years, but it is easy to forget just how rich and glossy it looked when it was new.

The colour slowly dulls and the rich glossy shine gradually disappears, and the leather starts to dry out, which can lead to cracking and a sort of ‘scaling’ effect in places of high wear.

You may suddenly notice that your leather sofa is looking a bit scruffy and wonder if you have enough savings to buy a new one.

Don’t despair, your leather sofa can be cleaned and lovingly restored to its beautiful original shine and the scuffs and scales we can mostly make disappear for you. – depending on just how bad the scuffs and scrapes are. We can also do some little re-dye touch ups if the colour has been worn away.

We are based in Leicester and Loughborough and can cover pretty much anywhere in Leicestershire. We will need to pop over and have a look first to give you an accurate assessment of what needs doing, how long it will take, and an exact quotation, but there’s no obligation at all.

You can book a suitable date for us to do it for you, or call us back anytime to book a date.

We are not high pressure salesmen – just carpet and leather expert cleaners!

Call us for a no obligation site visit and free quotation Tel: 01162 987 082 or 01509 412 797