Five Ways to Babyproof Your Floors

Five Ways to Babyproof your Floors is vital information for anyone living with a new baby, or if you have visitors with a child under two years. A crawling baby or toddler can easily be harmed by a floor that has not been babyproofed and research tell us that over 50% of parents wait until their babies start crawling before thinking about the safety of their floors.

TOP TIPS: Five easy ways to make you floors safe for baby

1 Keep the floor clean

You may not have time to vacuum daily, so start with booking a professional ANTIBACTERIAL CLEAN. Whether it is a hard floor or a carpet, this will remove all ingrained dirt and all traces of MRSA and other bacteria that live on food particles in the carpet fibres or in the cracks and gaps. This is especially important if you are in a rented house and don’t know what any previous tenant has left behind in the carpet fibres.

2 Search out and pick up everything small

You may find small coins under the chairs and sofa as well as: screws, sewing needles, washers, pens and screwed up chocolate wrappers. Look under the TV and along the edge of skirting boards. All these items would otherwise be put in their mouth and constitute choking hazards for any crawling baby.

3 Make an easy Choking Hazard Gauge

They are available from baby shops, but you can make your own with a toilet roll cardboard covered in pretty wrapping paper and use it to measure things for choking hazards. If something slips through the tube IT IS A CHOKING HAZZARD and should be removed from the floor area. If something is too big to go through the tube, it is usually not a hazard and is alright to leave. But could it be broken by baby?

4 Tape down all loose wires

Any dangling wire or cable is a ‘toy’ to a crawling baby who will want to pull it, grab hold of it and even try to chew it. (complete with any cobwebs) 5Check for lamp leads, TV leads, and speaker leads. Then clean them and securely tape them along the skirting board so they cannot be pulled or chewed and make sure all plug sockets are fitted with a safety plug.

5 Remove any dangling cords

Check any roller blinds and venetian blinds especially on patio doors and in conservatories where you may have windows at floor level. Shorten any dangling cords and fix a small wind aid at waist height to wind the cords around so they don’t hang to the floor. Babies could wind the cords round their neck and then get stuck, pulling them tighter as they try to get free.

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