Is my Wool Carpet Going Bald?

Why are there always Carpet Fibres in the Vacuum Cleaner?


Don’t assume that the vacuum cleaner is pulling fibres out of your carpet, or that your Dyson is sucking too hard; it is simply a characteristic and normal occurrence with any carpet or rug made from wool.

Here’s the technical explanation:

Wool carpets are constructed from short lengths of fibre between 10cm and 20cm in length. These are spun on a machine, into a yarn and woven into a carpet. This means that there will be millions of short fibres that all have 2 ends, all over the carpet.

The closest example to this would be like looking at all the spilt ends in your hair. These loose ends slowly work their way out of the yarn in the carpet pile as it gets walked on, then get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner when you hoover.

This is not at all detrimental to the carpet. You won’t suddenly get a bald patch developing. It happens much more frequently in 100% wool carpet, and less and less as the percentage of wool is reduced. Most carpets these days are 80% – 20% with 80% being wool, so you will notice it every time you vacuum.

It does get less and less over time and if you vacuum every day, you probably won’t even notice it. But if you only vacuum once a week; you may end up with quite a noticeable amount in the collection chamber.

It is a perfectly normal happening, and if you don’t see this, there’s a strong chance that your carpet is made from a man-made fibre. As a tenant, it is hard to know what the carpet is made from in a rental property; but this is a really good indicator for you.

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