Freshers Week Leicester and Loughborough

Freshers Week Leicester and Loughborough

During Freshers Week in Leicester and Loughborough, young people in their second year of University will be moving into rented houses, shared with their friends made last year in halls of residence. They have learned to manage their own shopping, cooking and washing clothes, but home maintenance is another skill to be learned.

How to Remove Stains from Carpet

Halls of residence have commercial cleaners paid by the University, so keeping the curtains, carpets, hard floors, leather chairs and upholstered sofas clean, are a new skill to be learned this year. In many cases, this learning doesn’t happen until an accident happens with a spill or stain or carpet burn; and ignoring it will risk the return of their deposit at the end of the year.

Free Advice Service

SJS are experienced professional carpet cleaners located in both cities; Leicester and Loughborough, with a FREE ADVICE SERVICE for any spill, stain or burn. Make sure they keep our number stuck to the fridge, for those unexpected accidents that will happen during the year.
Getting good stain removal advice BEFORE you set the stain with hot water, or melt the carpet fibres with bleach, or remove the colour from a patch of carpet, is vital. SJS can advise on the best method of removing every stain and if needed, can come and do it for you. Saving your deposit and the stress of a big worry, leaving you to concentrate on your studies.

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