Freshers Week in Leicester

Cut Out and Keep – Vital Information in Leicester


Your first week

Will be a crazy mixture of social activities and attending orientation meetings for your course. You may have only arrived in Leicester this week, and without any time to get used to being away from home for the first time, you are thrown into a full diary of events that you just can’t miss.

What will Happen

There will be Departmental Induction, welcome talks, initial lectures, timetable information, joining other activities, associations, societies, clubs and groups. Meeting your personal tutor, finding your way around the University Campus and the bustling centre of Leicester, and not to mention getting to know the other students who are house sharing with you.

Put Vital Information on the Fridge Door

With so much to remember, a good tip is to put all the vital bits on the fridge door until needed. As the central hub of the house, everyone will go here every day. And that’s exactly what to do with our number. You don’t need a stain or burn removing from your carpets this week, but trust us… you will!

When disaster strikes and you burn the carpet and need an invisible mend, or drop a pizza face-down, we can respond quickly, and probably save your deposit! So put SJS Carpet Cleaners on the fridge door now, then you are ready to party!