Village Hall Scout Hut Community Centre Leicester

Most of the private hires for the hall will include an agreement to clean the floor at the end of each event, whether it is a WI Coffee Morning, a Scout meeting, or a Zumba Class. But how many of these small one or two hour events will actually wash and clean the floor properly?

We know the answer to that, don’t we… It will be a cursory sweep with the broom to retrieve any litter or crumbs, and that’s it!

Longer hires for a Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, or Teenage Disco

These may culminate in a fast dash around with a mop and bucket at midnight, but won’t necessarily reach all the corners. So your beautiful hard flooring will start to look dull, dirty and any scratches will be a great hideout for bacteria and other nasties.

It really is a very good idea to have a professional and expert hard flooring clean at least once a year, to bring back the gleam and shine to your village hall.

It’s easy to add just £1 to each hire charge during the year to pay for one or two proper antibacterial cleans and will mean that any children sitting on the floor will be safe from old bacteria breeding in the tiny pores.

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