How Good Are Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

How Good Are Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Before the Christmas sales start is a good time to investigate the pros and cons of various models of vacuum cleaner, here’s some unbiased info for you to assess just how good Cordless vacuum cleaners might be for your home. They are very lightweight, but are they really good enough for an average family house? Here are our Top Tips for what to look out for, and which questions to ask when you go shopping…


With vast improvements in the design of suction power and in longer battery life, the cordless models are getting more popular. Brand names include: Gtech, Bosch, Morphy Richards and Dyson.


• No cords to trip over and no need to keep unplugging in each room as you move around the house, so easy to use especially for people who are less mobile or disabled.
• Very light and very manoeuvrable in small rooms and around lots of furniture. So in flats, apartments and static mobile homes; they are easy to store in small places.
• Easy to use on the stairs due to being lightweight and with a small brush head.
• New technology in Lithium-Ion batteries keeps the suction power for the full life of the battery. It doesn’t lose suction as the battery runs out of charge. Also, these batteries charge much more quickly.



• The small size means a reduced capacity for the dust container, mostly with a maximum of 1 Litre, so needs emptying much more often.
• Still not as good for suction power as the mains powered models.
• The ‘run time’ will vary by brand between 15 minutes and 60 minutes between charges, so you will need to do one or two rooms at a time and then recharge.
• Some models can only clean floors, and some have a detachable hand piece for furniture and cars, so its best to check this before you buy.
• Not great for a large property or large expanse of carpet as you will need to keep emptying and keep recharging


We hope that helps when you are looking for a present or to replace your old machine in the Christmas and January Sales…