Is A Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Right for You

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner and wondering is a cylinder vacuum cleaner is the right choice, then read our Top Tips about the advantages and disadvantages here:

If you need a large capacity machine with a powerful motor, then a cylinder model is your best option. If you have dogs, children, or lots of rooms, then this style scores high in performance although low in style and fashionable looks.

The body of the machine is separate from the hose and brush head and you pull the machine part along behind while you clean, enabling you to reach under most furniture with the brush head to pick up the dust, crumbs and dog hairs. Most models have a dual option of brush height for carpet and hard floors, and some models have multiple bristle height options, although how many of them will ever get used is another issue.

Here is our view of the advantages and disadvantages of a cylinder over an average upright vacuum cleaner to assist your choices when shopping for a bargain in the January Sales:


• Cylinder machines are very easy to use. The separate brush head and hose means its easy to get behind and under furniture without moving it.
• Generally, they are lighter than upright models, so easy to carry in and out of the cupboard and need a smaller space to store – a large bottom shelf as opposed to a tall standing space in the corner of a room.
• Cylinders usually have a bigger capacity for dust, so will do a large property without needing to be emptied midway.
• Much easier to clean stairs with a cylinder, without needing to dismantle an upright and then reassemble to carry on.
• Generally they are less expensive to buy new, and you can often get some good models from second-hand shops and markets from house clearances.


• The hose can be difficult to wrap up and store tidily away.
• The brush head is NOT motorised and relies on you pushing and pulling it to pick up the particles. This makes it a little less effective for pet hair, but it depends on how well the hair is trodden into the pile, or if it is newly dropped and easy to lift. Some models do have a turbo brush head, so look out for this option if you have pets.
• Cylinders may take longer to clean large areas compared to an upright, but most people actually walk with uprights much too quickly, not allowing the brushes to turn over each inch, resulting in them going backwards and forwards over the same space anyway, taking the same amount of time.

We hope this helps you to choose between the many options when you go shopping in the New Year! If you need a professional carpet clean while you decide, just give us a call, we are based in Leicester and Loughborough and cover a 10-mile radius.