How Good is a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

How Good is a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

You may see a bargain priced Handheld vacuum cleaner but wonder if they are any good, so here is our quick and easy guide to what’s good and what’s bad about handheld vacuum cleaners.
Firstly, you need to choose between corded and cordless. Both options are usually very lightweight and easy to use, which is perfect for small jobs and for people who are less mobile or unsteady on their feet; but you will lose out on the dust capacity and power of the push along models. use.


Most of them are battery powered and cordless, making them perfect for mini clean ups after a small DIY job, or a craft activity. The plug-in models are more powerful and won’t run out of battery, but then you have the added irritation of unwinding the lead and plugging in, and will it then reach into the car or caravan? The average battery running time is around five minutes before needing a recharge, so they are not really suitable for a large carpet area. They are also not powerful enough to pick up pet hair, so it may be quicker with a dustpan and brush.
Some can handle liquid spills and they are perfect for the car or stairs and even better for cleaning the fluff under the cushions of your chairs and sofa. Prices range from around £20 to well over £100 for the more powerful models, which are better suited to picking up after a DIY job.


• They are lightweight, easy to hold and convenient for small jobs.
• If baby spills crumbs around the highchair, it will be perfect to pick them up.
• Great for vacuuming the stairs, the car and the caravan, without needing to detach the hose from your upright.
• Very cheap to have one in the cupboard in addition to your main vacuum cleaner.
• Some have a running time of up to 30 minutes, so could be perfect for an elderly person, or someone in a wheelchair to use.


• Be aware of the battery running time of the model you chose, which could be only 5 minutes.
• Small dust capacity so will need to be emptied after every job.
• Suction power is much less than your full-sized cleaner, so if you need it for masonry dust, plaster and nails; it probably won’t pick them up and a dustpan and brush will be more effective.


We hope that helps, but any problems getting rid of a stain or cleaning any carpets, just give us a call…