Insect Control in Carpets

Insect Control in Carpets

Are you are looking for professional insect control in carpets or upholstery? SJS are fully trained and accredited with a Certificate from the National Carpet Cleaners Association, as competent in the safe use of pesticides required by current legislation. We have been trained by Killgerm, leading pest control suppliers to the industry, giving us permission to purchase and use insect control products.

Our Training covers all four aspects of insect control in carpets and upholstery:

  1. Pesticide Safety – Managing risks, problems with pesticides, storage and waste disposal
  2. Surveying and Preparation – Reasons for control, surveying and pest identification
  3. Pest Biology and Control – Fleas, moths, beetles and other household pests
  4. Insecticides – Application, insecticide types and composition

So, if you spot anything moving in the fibres of your carpet or sofa, please call us first – before buying and using any products that might be dangerous for your pets, your children or the fabrics.

You can contact us for advice or a free quote in Leicester, Loughborough and a 10-mile radius: