Leather Clean & Restore Leicester

Leather Clean & Restore Service in Leicester


Professional Leather Cleaning

Leather suites can slowly become grubby and it is not easy to remove ingrained dirt. We will clean it for you, in your house, flat or office.

With care & attention to detail we remove every trace of dirt from every part of your leather furniture, we go into every crease & crevice & every fold & tuck.

Removal of Dye Transfer on Leather Chairs

Dye transference is a very common problem which affects very light coloured leather & shows as a greyish haze which cannot be removed by normal cleaning.

This will show mainly on the seat & inner arm area. The cause of this is from: denim jeans, dark cotton clothing, scatter cushions & fabric throws. These items are not always colour-fast and indiscriminately transfer their colour onto your leather chairs.  We can usually remove all or most of the dye & re-apply the finish to the leather.

Removal of Stains & Marks

Most leather is not easily stained, but sometimes we have been called out to remove ink or biro marks, curry stains & even hair dye. We can usually remove them, but we will need to have a look at them first to make sure, and to give you a price.

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