Oriental Rug Care in Winter

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Oriental Rug Care in Winter

Oriental rugs are an investment and a little extra care is needed during the winter months to keep them looking their best and to maximise their lifespan. We see many different styles of oriental rugs and our knowledge and experience of cleaning and caring for such rugs means we can pass on our Top Tips for Oriental rug care in winter.

Using a variety of rugs over a hard floor, it’s easy to notice the amount of dirt and soil that needs sweeping up on the hard floor, and a sobering thought that a similar amount of dirt and soil has also found its way into the pile of your rug (and carpets).  This is more prevalent in winter with frost and ice covering the pavements and roads which is then transferred to your shoes complete with particles of dust and dirt, and then trodden into your home and office on the bottom of everyone’s shoes.

Using an entry and exit mat to wipe your shoes on can help, but there will be particles in the tread of your soles that will rub off onto the fibres of your rugs and carpets.  Most of it is invisible, falling deep into the pile and then becoming compacted into the fibres at the base of the rug. This will then begin to abrade the fibres, shortening its lifespan and can also lead to bacterial infections, mould and mildew growth at the base of the rug.

Oriental Rug Care Top Tips

  1. Vacuum more frequently in winter – This helps to prevent the build up of dirt at deep pile level and will prolong the life of your rug.
  2. Diary a professional and specialist rug clean every 2 years to remove all bacteria, mould and mildew spores and prevent them from growing.
  3. Change their position if possible – move them to a different room, or at least rotate them 180 degrees to give equal wear to all areas.
  4. Encourage Family and friends to remove their outdoor shoes at the front door
  5. Treat any stain immediately – before it dries into a permanent mark.
  6. Take and shake your rug outside before you vacuum – unless it is too big or heavy. This will release the dirt particles from the particles, so you can vacuum them up with the brush beaters
  7. Lastly, vacuum slowly! Walk very slowly and allow the brushes to turn and lift out the dirt particles for you. Don’t scrub the hoover back and forth like a lawn mower, which will pick up much less from inside the fibres.

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