Stone Floor Cleaning in Leicestershire

 Cleaning Stone Floors

Cleaning and restoration are very different processes for stone floors, and need to be undertaken by a specialist professional who has expertise and knowledge. Each different type of stone has specific properties and the cleaning solutions will reflect this. Slate, Marble, Porcelain, Travertine, Limestone, and Sandstone are just a few examples of the stone floors we clean.

Restoring a Stone Floor

This is a very noisy process that involves removing a thin layer of stone by grinding it away with a rotary machine that will then leave you with a new top surface that is then polished to the finish you require.

This method will completely remove imperfections caused by wear and tear by the resurfacing process. It will not only look brand new, but it will be a brand new top surface. The downside to this, is the cost, the time it takes to perform, and the incredible noise while it is being done. Every ten years, it may be a good option.

As a consequence of this it may be more appropriate to have a stone floor “cleaned” rather than “restored”.

Stone Floor Cleaning

The rest of the time, it is much more appropriate to have specialist stone floor cleaning. We use machines that will remove the dirt from inside the cracks, which effectively makes all the hairline cracks disappear from view; making your stone floor look almost brand new again.

We can’t get rid of the scratches for you – only grinding them away will do that – but an expert Stone Floor Clean from us is the next best thing…  Call us today for a no obligation site visit and free quotation