Which Carpet is Best Woven or Tufted

Which Carpet is Best Woven or Tufted

Buying new carpet in the Easter Holidays should be a pleasurable experience, but only if you are armed with knowledge about the different styles of carpet to help you make the right choice. Here is our guide to which carpet is best, woven or tufted, with the benefits and disadvantages explained.

Woven Carpet Benefits & Disadvantages

Woven carpet is always easy to identify by the price. It is always in the higher cost bracket because creating it is a labour-intensive process. The front and back are woven simultaneously, and this is done very slowly, but the result is the very best quality with excellent dimensional stability.

Woven carpet can be plain coloured or patterned and you will recognise the famous brand names:

Axminster make patterned carpets and have some amazing geometrics and tartans. Our favourite is called ‘Toodle Pip’. https://www.axminster-carpets.co.uk/carpets/design/Tartan%20&%20Plaid

Wilton is usually a plain colour but can be made using up to five colours. They have some fabulous stipes https://www.unitedcarpetsandbeds.com/carpets/colour.html

Brintons make plain colour and pattern carpets with some stunning florals https://www.brintons.co.uk/carpets

Ulster Carpets also make plains and patterns with some interesting textures http://www.ulstercarpets.com/residential/choosing-your-carpet/search-by-style

Tufted Carpet Benefits & Disadvantages

Tufted carpets are the popular High Street and Retail Park choice in the UK. Tufting is where a cut length of yarn is inserted into a backing fabric, a bit like the rug making kits, but on an industrial scale.

The manufacture time is very fast, so the carpet companies can turn out a new range every season, following fashion trends and colourways of this year’s kitchen fixtures or bedroom accessories.

The much cheaper cost means that you can redecorate every few years without needing to keep the same carpet, so this gives rise to the carpet retail parks price-War every Easter break, when British Summer Time means we have more daylight hours for DIY tasks in the evenings.

Texatherm Cleaning Woven & Tufted Carpets

Luckily, SJS Carpet Cleaning can clean both types of carpet equally effectively so whichever carpet you choose, or already have; contact us for a completely free and no obligation quotation anytime

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