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What Our Customers Say About

What Our Customers Say about SJS Carpet Cleaning Booking any Carpet or Rug cleaning service for the first time can be a worry. So, we always tell people to look at our customer reviews and comments for the reassurance they need for that very first booking. Reading what our customers say about SJS carpet cleaning […] Read more >

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Oriental Rug Care in Winter

Oriental Rug Care in Winter Oriental rugs are an investment and a little extra care is needed during the winter months to keep them looking their best and to maximise their lifespan. We see many different styles of oriental rugs and our knowledge and experience of cleaning and caring for such rugs means we can […] Read more >

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Professional Rug Cleaning Explained

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Explained SJS are experienced professionals with a specialist cleaning service for all valuable Oriental rugs in Leicester and Loughborough and a 10-mile radius. To put your mind at rest, this is what we do, why we do it and how … Read more >

How to Buy a Genuine Persian Rug

How to Buy a Genuine Persian Rug The holiday season is starting and you may be tempted to buy a new rug to bring home, but how can you be sure that it is a genuine Oriental or Persian rug? Here are some tips  that will show exactly how to buy a genuine Persian rug […] Read more >

Origins of Magic Flying Carpets

Origins of Magic Flying Carpets With the Christmas Panto’s still close in our minds, this week we bring you the historical origins of magic flying carpets that are often used in Panto’s and children’s cartoons. Read more >

Cleaning Oriental Rugs in Snow

Cleaning Oriental Rugs in Snow is not recommended in Leicester or Loughborough This week is a good time to look at this old story, since Leicester and Loughborough are recently recovering from a fall of snow. Can you clean valuable oriental rugs in snow? If so, how? And will it harm a valuable oriental rug? Read more >