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Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed Robot vacuum cleaners have been seen as a gimmick or expensive toy since their invention, but recent models are beginning to change that, with advanced navigation systems and much more powerful suction. If you are curious about their capability, here is a review of their current advantages and disadvantages as we […] Read more >

How Good is a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

How Good is a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner? You may see a bargain priced Handheld vacuum cleaner but wonder if they are any good, so here is our quick and easy guide to what’s good and what’s bad about handheld vacuum cleaners. Firstly, you need to choose between corded and cordless. Both options are usually very […] Read more >

Is A Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Right for You

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Advantages and Disadvantages Are you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner and wondering is a cylinder vacuum cleaner is the right choice, then read our Top Tips about the advantages and disadvantages here: If you need a large capacity machine with a powerful motor, then a cylinder model is your best […] Read more >

How Good Are Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

How Good Are Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Before the Christmas sales start is a good time to investigate the pros and cons of various models of vacuum cleaner, here’s some unbiased info for you to assess just how good Cordless vacuum cleaners might be for your home. They are very lightweight, but are they really good […] Read more >

SJS clean stone floors

Stone Floors Cleaned Loughborough

Cleaning a stone floor with a bucket and mop is only a surface cosmetic clean. After the first dip with the mop, you are only spreading bacteria into the cracks and crevices as you go. A mop or micro cloth will remove surface spills and give a uniform look of being clean – from a […] Read more >

Saving Flood Damaged Carpets

Saving Flood Damaged Carpets Many properties in Leicestershire and Derbyshire have had problems with flooding recently, some of them a light ingress of water blocked mostly by sandbags, and some experiencing a total ground floor flood of up to 12 inches of water. Can the Carpet be rescued? The answer to this is complex. If […] Read more >