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end of tenancy carpet clean

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleans

Does Your Contract Require an End of Tenancy Carpet Clean? Have you read the small print on your Tenancy Agreement? They usually contain a clause that requires a professional carpet clean before you vacate the property. This means that a quick vacuum around on moving out day isn’t enough and could result in the Landlord […] Read more >

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Natural Stone Floor Clean and Reseal Leicester Loughborough

Natural Stone Floor Clean and Reseal Leicester Loughborough Natural stone flooring is an investment for any property, and it will last far longer than the current décor, so it needs to be kept in good condition to keep its fabulous looks for many years. If it was installed more than five years ago, it’s a good […] Read more >

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What Our Customers Say About

What Our Customers Say about SJS Carpet Cleaning Booking any Carpet or Rug cleaning service for the first time can be a worry. So, we always tell people to look at our customer reviews and comments for the reassurance they need for that very first booking. Reading what our customers say about SJS carpet cleaning […] Read more >

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Office Carpet Cleaning in Christmas Shut-Down

Office Carpet Cleaning in Christmas Shut-Down If your office carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned for a year (or two…) It is a good idea to invest in this business expense straight after the company Christmas party. While the company is in the Christmas shut down, the office carpets and fabric chairs can be easily cleaned, […] Read more >

Five Ways to Babyproof Your Floors

Five Ways to Babyproof your Floors is vital information for anyone living with a new baby, or if you have visitors with a child under two years. A crawling baby or toddler can easily be harmed by a floor that has not been babyproofed and research tell us that over 50% of parents wait until their […] Read more >